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Lea Maria Fries, a young Swiss vocalist stands out with her tempting timbre. She uses her energetic and profound approach and expressive articulation in various musical contexts. Jazz, pop, improvisation: her versatility and unique style are visible in various bands and projects. Lea Maria Fries is equipped with a strong instinct for rhythm and groove and knows how to phrase and navigate with very distinct timbres. Sensible for a coherent sound-aesthetic, she unfolds her crisp vocabulary and understands it, to knit groove, space and melody together to a tightly woven tension. 

She lives and works in Paris and Switzerland.



Lea Maria Fries, born in 1989 in Switzerland, initially played the piano for five years before beginning vocal lessons at the age of 14 while in high school. From 2009 to 2014, she pursued her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Performance at the Lucerne School of Music, specializing in jazz vocals under the tutelage of Susanne Abbuehl, Lauren Newton, and Hans Feigenwinter.

In 2010, she was the sole Swiss representative and the youngest participant in the semifinals of the international Jazz Vocal Competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival, with none other than Quincy Jones among the judges.

Fries continued her quest, exploring different timbres and textures. Initially residing in Berlin for four years before moving to Paris. Today, she lives and works in both Switzerland and the French capital.

Lea Maria Fries was an early sought-after sidewoman in various bands and musical styles. She collaborated with Jacques and Thomas Dutronc, Eric Legnini, Peter Schärli, Lauren Newton, Julien Herné, and Empire Of Sound and many more.

Influenced by jazz, pop, rock, electronic, and black music, she cherishes the freedom of improvisation. She blends and distills all these influences as a performer, bandleader, composer, and lyricist in her bands et.nu and her jazz quartet 22° Halo, or as a singer and performer in other projects. She collaborates as a co-author for Gauthier Toux’s “For A Word,” Louis Matute’s Large Ensemble, or Macha Gharibian.

With her versatile voice and her assured sense of rhythm, groove, and phrasing, she shines brightly in various contexts.




et . nu stands for a volcanic explosion. Hot lava rock. Molten. Energy. Golden. It also implies standing in the nude, ie. a sensual / sexual connection to life. Simplicity and honesty, which, of course, are the key ingredients of great art.


LMF's 22° Halo

A 22° Halo is an optical light effect in the form of a ring with a radius of approximately 22° around the sun or the moon. LMF’s correspondent band brings the soundtrack to this phenomenon on stage.

For A Word

This is the new quartet around the french piano player Gauthier Toux. Album out now!
Jazz, improv, indie, beat, rock …


When starstruck words meet the sound of crackling self-made electronics and airy guitars you’re right in the middle of VSITOR’s universe.



30/06/23 et.nu Beat & Beer Festival Malakoff (F)
21/07/23 et.nu Boplicity Festival Rembervillers (F)
29/07/23 et.nu JazzChur Sommer Festival (CH)
02/09/23 et.nu Jazz Festival Willisau (CH)
01/10/23 LMF & Gauthier Toux chez Theo Ceccaldi Paris (F)
09/10/23 LMF  Baiser Salée Paris (F)
22/10/23 et.nu Low Four Manchester (UK)
23/10/23 et.nu HydeParkBookClub Leeds (UK)
27/10/23 et.nu Studio Fluid Liverpool (UK)
28/11/23 Macha Gharibian feat. LMF 104 Paris (F)
09/12/23 LMF’s 22° Halo Jazzspecturm Mehrspur Zürich (CH)
19/01/24 LMF with Baron Scène Nationale Dieppe (F)
24/01/24 et.nu PreSelection Printemps de Bourge FGO Barbara Paris
30/01/24 LMF’s 22° Halo Birdseye Basel (CH)
31/01/24 LMF’s 22° Halo Birdseye Basel (CH)
03/02/24 LMF Tribute to Gainsbourg Nova Jazz Festival Yverdon (CH)
16/02/24 Louis Matute’LargeEnsemble feat. LMF L’abri Geneve (CH)
06/04/24 et.nu Cully Jazz Festival (CH)
15/04/24 et.nu TBA Paris (F)
16/04/24 LMF Jazzkantine Luzern (CH)
18/04/24 LMF Café Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (D)
30/05/24 LMF & Julien Herné Duo Stimmenfestival Ettiswil (CH)
27/06/24 LMF La Defense Jazz Festival Paris (F)
06/07/24 Macha Gharibian feat. LMF Paris Jazz Festival Parc Floral


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“Une chanteuse et une artiste au talent indiscutable et dont la qualité des compos vous laisse, vous, sans voix.“

Dominique Boulay
Paris Move & Blues Magazin F, Februar 2021

„Es sind Songs mit dunklen Timbre, die sich auf die Intimität von Klang und Stimme fokussieren. Bei aller vermeintlichen Schlichtheit können sie ganz eigenwillige Melodiewege gehen, filmische Atmosphären aufleuchten lassen und ihre klanglich nuancierten Kanten zeigen. Fries gelingt eine musikalische Sprache, in der neben jazzvertrauten Einflüssen, auch das elektronische Klangbild von R’n’B und anspruchsvollem Pop mitschwingt.“

Pirmin Bossard
Jazz’n’More, März 2021

“Ihre wandelbare emotionale Stimme hat Suchtpotential.“

Stephan Küenzli
Aargauer Zeitung

„Vocalist Lea Maria Fries and pianist Marc Méan opened the festival with a beautifully balanced collection of songs with luminous piano harmonies recalling a sadder Bill Evans, complementing the moving emotional range of Fries’s voice.“

London Jazz News
Online Review Match & Fuse Festival Zürich 2017

“Une découverte vocale et musicale majeure autour de chansons atmosphériques, émouvantes et sensuelles.”

Lionel Eskenazi
France Musique

„Eine Stimme die uns verzaubert hat.“

Kulturplatz SRF 1

“Une musique organique et mystérieuse qui va à l’essentiel et qui circule dans l’espace et le temps comme une sub- stance sonique qui diffuse du rêve.”

Lionel Eskenazi
France Musique

“Lea Maria Fries is an exceptionally talented and remarkable singer. She is creative and authentic in her interpretations of compositions as well as in the writing and singing of her own originals. Her vocal improvisations, with or without lyrics, are captivating and imaginative, with a luscious voice this listener can gladly surrender to.“

Lauren Newton




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